The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation works by providing grants in support of worthwhile projects which advance the aims of the organization.

The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation is currently looking to support a major Aboriginal art related project, either wholly or in partnership with other foundations or individuals preferably with a connection to the health and well-being of Aboriginal communities and the members of those communities.

Below is a brief overview of projects and programs that have been supported by the ABF:

Grant recipients Projects


Gunawirra, NSW
Funding to extend regional assistance for pre-school children suffering trauma – provides counselling, therapy and art activities. The program is developed and administered by Indigenous artist and consultant Graham Toomey alongside Gunawirra’s experienced and trained child art therapists in Sydney and three country towns.

Thancoupie’s Bursary Fund, Cairns, QLD
Two Bursaries for young adults from Western Cape York to train further in the arts beyond their communities

Beyond Empathy HOMETruths, NSW
The Beyond Empathy team develop life stories with elders and women of Moree. HOMEtruths is a community arts project that involves 4 artists working with Aboriginal women in Moree to break the silence on domestic violence. Photographer Raphaela Rosella and Indigenous artists Cathy Craigie (writer), Bibi Barba (visual artist) and David Leha (musician) will record stories and create music, songs, photographic portraits and paintings with the women.

Reading Out of Poverty, Geelong, VIC
Funding to enable Reading Out of Poverty to partner with the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative in Geelong to provide early literacy support (literacy resources including indigenous children's books) to 150 Indigenous children and their parents in the Geelong community through a school program as well as home visits

WAAPA Aboriginal Student Support Funds, Perth, WA
The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) offers a unique one-year VET performance course for Aboriginal
and/or Torres Strait Islander students. These students often require a high degree of pastoral care to complete the course and some students need to access emergency support during the year. The WAAPA Aboriginal Student Support Fund provides this emergency relief – often for medical bills, accommodation, transport, or food.

Books and Boots, Tiwi Islands, NT
Books and Boots will provide and distribute football boots to school children attending school consistently in many NT communities. As well as boots for kids, the schools participating are provided with a substantial number of appropriate free books to assist literacy and hold the children's interest. This grant will enable the program to cover the Tiwi Islands’ four schools and will assist a Tiwi elder to provide management and delivery of the books and boots via his own boat business.

Ngoombi Community Indigenous Services, Kuranda, Far North, QLD
The Kuranda community, situated in the rainforests close to Cairns is developing a program of revival of traditional knowledge through sessions with elders having skills and knowledge and younger members of the community. Basketry, weaving and carving skills are being taught


SIDS and Kids Queensland Inc., QLD
Redesign and redistribution of an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Safe Sleeping brochure, poster and materials.

Red Ridge ,Central West Queensland,QLD
Regional Indigenous Health Canvas Project as part of 2014 Closing the Gap Celebrations.

Gunawirra & Plunkett Street School, Woolloomooloo Program, NSW
Seed funding a programme desig
ned to support Aboriginal families in distress using puppetry, Aboriginal art & healing.

Koorie Night Market, VIC
Koorie Night Market Partnership Development Project.

HotHouse Theatre, VIC
Black Boarder Theatre 2015 project

Interrelate Family Centre, Lismore, NSW
Reconciliation Choir project

Iwantja Arts and Crafts, Indulkana, SA
Training the community in the early stage of the production of i want cha t-shirts.

Brain Injury Assocociation Qld Inc (Synapse), QLD
Art Facilitator fees to run the Murrie-DAN-Art Our Way program

Bateau Bay Police and Community Youth Club, NSW
Support and resources for the Koori Krew to continue their performance program

Fremantle PCYC, WA
For the Friday Night Girls Program, Photography Workshops

Ilbijerri Theatre, VIC
To cover attendance of Careers to theatre production of renowned veteran actor Noel Tovey’s performances, and ASLAN interpretations at VIPA (Victorian Indigenous Performing Awards).

2005 - 2014


The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation provided significant support towards the proposed Yirrkala Healing Centre. Unfortunately, after the Federal Government ‘intervention’ the Yirrkala Dhanbul Aboriginal Corporation ceased to be a possible management body and without matching support from other foundations or the Rirratjingu Association for the Yirrkala Healing Centre, the plan to build the Centre has been indefinitely postponed.


The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation supported a targeted mentoring and personal development program offered to young people involved in the Glebe PCYC and Glebe Community. The focus of the program is the completion of the School Certificate or Higher School Certificate by distance education.


The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation provided a grant to Waringarri Aboriginal Arts to allow it to commence a project entitled "In The Saddle - On The Wall".  The project's main objective is to document the oral and visual history of Kimberley artists recalling the cattle days and their early history.

Two short video histories of Mabel Juli & Minnie Lumai can be viewed through the ABC Open/ABC Kimberly video links below:

Mabel and the Wild West
By Roseleen Park, Warmun Art Centre and Beth Neate

"Mabel Juli is one of Australia's most cherished Aboriginal artists. In this
video she shares the inspiration behind her paintings, lifelong memories of
her mother's country around Springvale Station in the East Kimberley,
Western Australia"


I'm Minnie Lumai and I was born on Newry Station
By Chris Griffiths, Minnie Lumai and Beth Neate

"Artist Minnie Lumai is renowned for her bold depictions of the Sugarbag
Dreaming, a story describing the boundaries of Miriwoong country to the east of Kununurra. Together with son Chris Griffiths, she shares memories of her station life before painting"

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NAUIYU NAMBIYU INCORPORATED,  Nauiyu Community, Daly River, NT

In April 2010 a grant was awarded to Nauiyu Nambiyu Incorporated in support of its project to engage disadvantaged youth in activity which is designed to help prepare them for meaningful employment and to give them pride.  The funds also assisted the organisation to establish a "women's group" and to arrange for minor renovations to a "Mens Shed" used as a meeting place for "men's business" which allows elders to teach and mentor younger generations.


Funds provided by the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation assisted the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation to recruit and train 8 volunteer tutors to work with 60 indigenous children ranging in age from 8-12 years.  The funding also assisted the ALF acquire targeted literacy materials which allowed regular formal assessment and evaluation of the students.

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