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About This Project

About this project
We supported the Visual Art Saving Lives project which uses art and pictures as a means of communicating life-saving procedures to Aboriginal people and those for whom English is a fifth language. The resources will be used in conjunction with CareFlight’s Trauma Care Workshops delivered free to the community across the state.



How the ABF has helped CareFlight (NT) 
We provided a donation of $6,940 to help CareFlight produce the 8 Ways Learning Banner and Cards specifically designed to support Aboriginal people to understand and absorb the lifesaving skills taught in CareFlight’s Trauma Care Workshops.


CareFlight’s educators are continually adapting teaching techniques to incorporate ‘yarning’. The cards are a ‘reminder’ prompt of the skills taught. The wording is kept to a minimum so that the visuals speak for themselves. The cards also form part of a ‘take-home pack’ which participants receive at the end of the training, that includes resources to assist in an accident.