Ernabella Arts Incorporated

About This Project

About this project

Ernabella Arts was seeking to  restore an old metal cart from early mission times – a remnant of rusty wheels and pieces which needed to be treated and painted and formed into a new structure – so that it could be displayed as a public art work in the village.


How we helped

We provided a donation of $5,000 to restore the piece. As Rowena Withers from Ernabella Arts – Pukatja community describes:
“The Cart has been the focal and talking point of the community for weeks. The kids love climbing all    over it and the elders have been sharing stories of life back in the day when it was a central feature of Pukatja. Mark and Scotty quite rightly have enormous pride in having built it almost from scratch with Andy – it’s been a terrific outcome to have engaged the men, as most of the artists who will work on it next week are women.”