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Yarning about Boys Business


About the project

Yarning about Boys Business was a booklet conceived with the intent of providing a youth friendly resource developed specifically for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys and men.


The booklet outlined information on puberty, relationships, consent and sexual health. It covered changes that happen during puberty, the importance of consent, how to maintain healthy relationships, safe sex and STIs.


How we helped

The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation provided $5,000 funding for printing and distributing 1,000 copies of Yarning about Boys Business.


The publication was distributed to key stakeholders, community members and Aboriginal health services across NSW. It was issued through a combination of targeted dissemination of printed copies as well as promotion on all Family Planning NSW social media platforms.



As the booklet was specifically produced to reflect the community needs, it increased community empowerment and community ownership of the content and resulted in greater improvement in the knowledge and understanding of key sexual health areas.

2022, Past